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The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is one of the most common types of insurance available. As far as insurance for vehicles goes, motorcycle insurance only falls behind car insurance in terms of how many people obtain it. The first fact to know about motorcycle insurance is that it is not necessarily cheaper than car insurance. The cost of motorcycle insurance varies widely depending upon the age, skill level, and make and model of the motorcycle covered under the insurance policy. In Florida, the cost of motorcycle insurance is more often less than that of car insurance but this is simply a general statement and not an absolute fact.

Something else to note about motorcycle insurance is that the condition of the motorcycle covered also affects the cost of insurance. A used motorcycle will cost much less to insure than a new motorcycle, so that is an important factor to consider when you are purchasing a motorcycle. However, it is possible that a used motorcycle might require more maintenance than a new motorcycle so you must decide which is more valuable to you between lower insurance costs or potentially lower maintenance costs. Either way, a new motorcycle, especially a new high-end motorcycle, costs far more to insure.

One critical difference between laws about car insurance and laws about motorcycle insurance in Florida is that car drivers in Florida are required to obtain personal injury protection. Personal injury protection is a type of insurance that typically covers bills relating to medical care and wages lost due to time off from work. In contrast, motorcycle drivers are not required by law to obtain personal injury protection. If a motorcycle driver wants to get personal injury protection, a few insurance companies do provide that for them.

If you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Miami Beach, FL, then look no further than Assure-Us. The company is serving Miami Beach, FL and has done so since 2001. For more information about motorcycle insurance, you can call Assure-Us at 305-956-7818.

Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Temporary Living Expenses?

If you are planning on renting a home or an apartment, you will want to protect your belongings with renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance not only covers the cost to replace your valuables, but it may cover the cost to live somewhere else until you can get settled again.

Coverage Provided

Most renter’s insurance will also help protect you by covering the cost to live somewhere else until you can get settled into your old place, or until you can find somewhere else to live within a designated time frame. It is important to make sure that you do have this coverage with the particular policy you choose. Ask your insurance agent prior to purchasing the policy so you can be sure you are covered in the event of an accident or loss.

Getting Started With A Claim

If you suffer a covered event, you will need to present your documentation of the event, as well as photographs, receipts, and any other information to help expedited the claims process. Ask what type of documentation you will need when you purchase your policy. Make sure you are aware of how long you will be allowed temporary housing under the terms of your insurance agreement. Being informed and acting quickly is the key to getting back to normal as soon as possible. For more information on renter’s insurance, and all that is can cover, call or stop by Miami Beach, FL, Assure-Us.

Don’t risk the loss of your belongings if you are a renter. Get the coverage you need to cover temporary housing and the replacement of your valuables with renter’s insurance. Let our friendly insurance agents at Miami Beach, FL, Assure-Us get you started today so you can have peace of mind tomorrow.


Are There Different Types of Motorcycle Insurance?

When it comes to riding motorcycles, safety is, of course, of the utmost importance. And while wearing a helmet and proper attire are part of being safe, it is also important that you keep you and your bike covered with proper motorcycle insurance. For now, let’s take a quick look at different types of motorcycle insurance coverage. 

Accessory Coverage

If your bike has added on accessories, you will want to make sure they are covered with accessory coverage for motorcycles. Many times, this type of insurance is referred to as Custom Parts and Equipment coverage. Examples of accessories that are covered by this type of insurance include:

  • Sidecars
  • Safety apparel
  • Audio devices
  • Custom paint and plating

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

It is highly recommended that you add roadside assistance to your motorcycle insurance. In doing this, you can have peace of mind in knowing your insurance company will be of the utmost help in the event that you get stuck on the side of the road. Imagine getting a flat tire on your bike and not having the tools to change it. With roadside assistance, though, you can contact your insurance company and they will dispatch a professional to come fix your flat tire for you. 

Medical Payments Insurance

When you invest in medical payments insurance, you are investing in a policy that will help pay for medical expenses endured by you or one of your riders. As you know, if you are in an accident on your motorcycle, you are likely to sustain extreme injury. You will need as much financial help as possible to cover your bills. With medical payments insurance, you will receive the assistance you need to cover your medical expenses. 

To learn more about different types of motorcycle insurance, please contact Assure-US serving the Miami Beach, FL area. 

When Should You Consider Flood Insurance?

Residents who live in North Miami Beach, FL need to consider the benefits of having flood insurance added to their existing homeowner’s policy. The agents of Assure Us can identify your potential need for flood insurance and offer sound advice on the type of policy you should invest in. Floods can occur as a result of severe storms or damaged sewers and pipelines. It’s important to make sure you are fully protected from both types of water damage.

Living Near a Floodplain

If you live in a home that is near a river or within close proximity of a large body of water, you are considered to be in a floodplain. Most floodplains include low-lying areas where water can accumulate and eventually flow around and into homes. Even living near a floodplain can dramatically increase the risk of your home or business being flooded by severe storms or drainage backups.

The Benefits of Flood Insurance

In most states having flood insurance is optional. While it is often an "add-on" policy, the benefits of having a good flood insurance policy can be a lifesaver if you live near hurricane-prone areas or rivers that are likely to flood when heavy rains are possible. The additional cost of having flood insurance added to your policy is a minimal amount compared to what it will cost to rebuild if you suffer extensive damage. 

The agents of Assure Us agency can help the residents of North Miami Beach, FL determine their potential flood risk. Knowing what the risk is for potential flood damage will help them to determine how much flood insurance they need to protect their homes and businesses. Call and schedule an appointment today with an agent to make sure you have the right type of insurance for the area in which you live. 

Flood insurance and high-risk areas

When buying an insurance policy, it’s a good idea to learn what your risks are. A fire can happen anywhere, for instance, but it’s much more likely to happen in drier climates. Likewise, flooding is more of a danger in some areas than others.

Find Out If You’re In A Flood Zone

One of the quickest ways to find out if your home is located in a flood zone is to check the maps at the FEMA website. Cross-reference that with your home address and you should be able to find out pretty quickly whether or not you’re likely to be affected by flooding come storm season.

The BFE And Special Flood Areas

The BFE is the Base Flood Elevation. This is the elevation at which you’ll suffer a one percent or greater chance of being affected by a flood. The higher you are above sea level, the lower your BFE compared to neighboring areas. There are also Special Flood Areas, where you are at an especially high risk for flooding. If you are in one of these areas, then your lender probably notified you during the buying process.

How Does This Affect Your Insurance?

In terms of how your risk for flooding is going to affect your insurance, you may wind up having to pay higher premiums in some areas, but the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act has done a lot to bring those premiums down, so it may simply come down to how much protection you want to buy.

We always want to plan for the worst while hoping for the best. Assure Us can help you to get a fair rate on flood insurance even if you are in a high-risk zone. Give them a call and see what they can do for you.


Tips for Condo Buyers

Are you considering purchasing a condominium in the Miami Beach, FL area?  If so, then you may appreciate some advice on buying a condo.  It isn’t exactly the same as purchasing a home, but for many, a condo is a step towards buying their dream home.  You should know these tips before buying.

  • Loans for condo buyers are a little different than those for a single-family home.  The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has a list of regulations before they will approve a loan for a condo.  Rules like at least 80% of the units in the building need to be occupied by the owner to attract investors.  The building must be on the FHA list of approved condos.  Non-FHA loans can be found, but they can cost more, and the lender may want up to 20% more down.
  • Condo rules are something everyone that lives in a condo community has to follow, such as quiet hours, shared space, pets, and renting your condo out in the future.  Make sure to review the rules before you buy.
  • Condo association fees are standard, so make sure you know how much they are and what they actually go to pay.  It’s important to know how the condo association is doing financially.  Otherwise, you could end up moving in, and the association goes broke and is unable to pay for major repairs.
  • The condo complex culture can be found by reviewing the condo association minutes.  You’ll get a good idea if there are insufferable individuals that drive everyone nuts or if leadership is unresponsive.


Assure-US provides insurance to the Miami Beach, FL area.  Their agents work as a team to help find you the most affordable and comprehensive coverage possible.  Contact us today to discuss your condo insurance needs.

What Is the Significance of Age Bracket in Life Insurance?

Age and Life Insurance go way back. What is the convenient time to take up life insurance? Are my premiums going to be lower if I take up the policy now than in the future? For how long should and can I pay for that policy? These and many more questions flock Assure-Us offices in Miami Beach, FL. For starters, this article will be your guide to mastering age and life insurance, so read on!

Basics of Age/Time in Life Policies
To understand age’s significance, master the role of time and the three life insurance types. Term life policies have low-cost premiums running for 10, 20 or 30 years. A whole life policy accumulates a cash value throughout your life serving as both an investment and policy. Lastly, universal policies have lifetime premiums that are flexible as you can switch from savings to as insurance easily.

The Impact of Age
Now that you understand the three, your age comes in. Insurers in Miami Beach, FL use your age, health and other factors to comprehensively determine the size of your premiums. Of these factors, age is the inordinate contributing factor to how long you will and can be able to service your premiums.

A secret insurers will not tell you is that the interest rates, for let’s say, 3 years to come. At Assure-Us, Life insurance policies increase in rates averagely by 8-10% if you take one in your forties and 10-12% in your fifties. Still thinking of what age to start? Now is best and affordable. As seen, the more time you wait to get a policy the pricier it will be. To beat this yearly rate increases, choose a lifetime policy. With this policy, insurers will calculate your premiums based on your age, and then spread them evenly for the 20-30 years giving you yearly invariable premiums.

Mastering age should be easy. For any left out issue or more details, contact us.



Changes Needed to Home Insurance When Adding an “In-Law” Apartment

Adding an “in-law" apartment is a common practice in a home where the residents do not need to utilize all the space for just themselves. Sometimes this apartment is occupied by an actual relative of the homeowner. Other times, it is rented out to help offset some of the costs of operating the home. 

In both cases, it is a good idea to talk with your insurance agent at Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL, to make sure you have the correct home insurance coverage that is adequate to protect the new configuration and use of your home.

When the use of home changes, especially if a portion of the home will be rented out, it is important to talk this situation over with your insurance agent.

Here are some things to discuss with your insurance agent:

  • What coverage does the existing homeowner’s insurance provider if a new person is using part of the home?
  • What is the difference between a relative using part of the home without paying rent and an unrelated person who pays rent for a portion of the home?
  • If rent is paid for part of a home, how does this change insurance needs?
  • Should the tenant get “renter’s” insurance for their personal property?
  • Should the home insurance be upgraded for the replacement costs of the renovations that are made?
  • What are the problems with renovations that are made without having a proper building permit?

Luckily, you do not have to know these answers. Just make the effort to discus them with your agent at Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL. Your agent will guide you to make sure your home insurance coverage is adequate and make suggestions about what might need to be added to the coverage and possibly what other coverage should be in place. 

If you are planning to add an in-law apartment go ahead and contact your agent at Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL, today, in order to get everything properly organized in advance.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Theft?

When running a business there is always going to be some level of theft, be it the casual shoplifting from a store or a full scale break in. There are ways that you can protect your business however and commercial insurance is one of them. Commercial insurance covers a wide range of things that many policy holders may not even be aware of. For those that live in the Miami Beach, FL area, the agents with Assure-Us can help you find the right policy to cover any eventuality.

Commercial insurance is first and foremost in place to protect the actual, physical business. This means the storefront or warehouse that is insured. It also helps to cover any costs association with lawsuits that may be leveled against you and it can also help pay for medical bills if an employee or customer is injured on your property. On top of all that, commercial insurance also covers theft and the replacement of items that are stolen.

The first thing you need to do when dealing with theft is to get your inventory list so that you can pinpoint what has been taken. In order for theft claims to be paid out you must have a detailed inventory list so that you can prove just what was in the store and what was stolen. You also need to have some sort of proof. Things like surveillance videos are great.

Commercial policies are created to help protect the business and the business owner and to prevent any major issue that would cause the business to shut down or cause a considerable slowing in the running of the business. If you live in the Miami Beach, FL area, the agents with Assure-Us can help you tailor the perfect commercial policy for you.  

Tips to Protect Your Car From Would-be Auto Thieves

Most car owners know the importance of defensive driving to prevent costly car accidents that can cause an increase in your auto rates, but many do not think about the insurance hike in the event their car is stolen and has to be replaced.  Protecting your vehicle against would-be car thieves is just as important as preventing accidents.  Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL knows the importance of protecting your vehicle against theft.  To protect against theft and preserve your insurance rates, follow the six safety tips below.

Keep Your Car Locked Even When You Are in It

No matter where you are, it is always a good practice to look your doors after getting in.  When you are away from your vehicle, a locked car will deter thieves looking for a quick opportunity to grab something out of the car.   Also, you should keep your cars locked while you are driving them a vehicle.  It will prevent carjackers from quickly entering your passenger doors when you are stopped and gaining control of the vehicle.

Do Not Leave Your Possessions in a Visible Place

Many thieves are looking for the quickest way to get some cash.  By having purses, laptops, jewelry, or other valuables visible you are more likely to attract attention.  If you have valuables you want to leave in the car, try putting them in the trunk or underneath items that will cover them.

Always Park in Well Lit Areas

Most thieves prefer to work in the dark, so parking your car in a well-lit area will deter would-be car thieves.  It also provides more personal safety when you go back to your vehicle.

Invest in Anti-Theft Devices

There are many anti-theft devices can be installed in your car.  You can purchase anti-theft devices that restrict control of your steering wheel, cut your ignition, sound an alarm, or are traceable by police.

Never Leave Your Car Running

No matter how quick your errand may be, you should never leave your car running when you are not in it.  It is illegal in many states to leave your car running and could result in a difficult insurance claim if it is stolen or damaged while running unattended.

Hide Your Vehicle Registration

While this may not help prevent your car from being stolen, it could help to recover it more quickly.  Most professional thieves assume the registration is in the glove box in case they end up getting pulled over.  If they do get pulled over, their inability to produce the registration will be a red flag to an officer.

If you would like more information on how to protect against auto theft or are interested in getting an auto insurance quote, contact one of the professional agents at Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL today.

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