Renters Insurance in Florida

For landlords in North Miami Beach, FL, renters insurance policies rarely provide all the coverage they need. While renters insurance may protect a tenant’s belongings from fire or theft while they’re hanging out at Haulover Park, it would generally not cover the building against fire. Every landlord in the area should insure their buildings no matter where they are, from college-town areas near Nova Southeastern University to upscale neighborhoods, against fire.

Renters Insurance is for Renters

Renters insurance protects renters. They are the ones that pay the premiums on these policies, and, therefore, they receive the benefits of the policies. Most renters insurance policies in Florida include:

  • coverage for the renter’s personal possessions
  • liability coverage for the renter
  • medical payments for the renter’s guests

Dwelling Insurance for Landlords

Most notably, one thing is missing from the above list: coverage for the rental property. Because the rented building belongs to the landlord, and not the renter, it is not covered by renters insurance. Landlords must insure their properties through their own policies. Many landlords choose to insure their rented properties with a dwelling fire policy, which covers the property, itself.

Find a Dwelling Fire Policy

As with every other type of insurance policy, companies that offer dwelling fire insurance in Florida charge different premiums and have different terms in their policies. The easiest way to compare all of the available policies is to contact an independent agent at our insurance agency, which serves North Miami Beach, FL. Renters insurance agents can compare dwelling policies, as well as renters policies. Call our insurance agency today, and one of our agents will go over the differences of all available dwelling fire policies with you.

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