Condo Insurance in Florida

Condo insurance protects condominium owners against a host of perils: fire, theft and vandalism, to name a few. It is designed to reimburse you if your condo were to burn down while you are at Haulover Beach, or if you come home from the local Medieval Spanish monastery to find your window broken. Every condominium owner should have a policy that provides coverage against events like these.

Condo Insurance Coverages

Condo insurance policies, like all other insurance policies, have different types of coverage within the policy. A typical North Miami Beach, FL condo insurance policy might include:

  • personal property coverage, which protects your belongings
  • liability coverage, which helps you with the legal expenses of a lawsuit
  • building property coverage, which usually covers cabinets and appliances
  • guest medical coverage, which assists with medical bills should a guest injure themselves while in your condominium

While these types of coverage are included in most policies, every policy has unique terms, limits and exclusions. Should you have any questions about a specific policy’s coverages, our independent insurance agents are licensed to help condo owners in Florida find insurance.

Call Our Independent Agents

For condominium owners in North Miami Beach, FL, condo insurance providers offer many policies to choose from. Going through each policy could take days, if not weeks, on your own.

With one of our independent insurance agents, though, finding the best policy could take just a few minutes. Because our insurance agents are independent, they are not limited to a single company’s offerings. Instead, they can shop all of the condo insurance policies offered by Florida insurance companies. Give one of our agents a call, and they will help you find a policy as quickly as possible.

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