Boat/watercraft Insurance in Florida

Boat/watercraft insurance provides boaters valuable protection against a variety of hazards that could happen on the water. Every boater should have a policy, regardless of whether they stay in Maule Lake, go out on the larger Biscayne Bay or venture into the open Atlantic, itself. After all, accidents can occur on any of those bodies of water.

Why Boaters Need Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Many people think boat/watercraft insurance primarily provides coverage for a boat, similar to how an auto policy’s comprehensive and collision coverage protect a car. This is only one aspect of boat/watercraft insurance, though. Policies also provide:

  • liability coverage for accidents that might occur on the water
  • medical payment coverage for injuries sustained by boaters
  • coverage against damage caused to other boats
  • coverage against damage caused to docks or launches

These types of coverage are all important, no matter how valuable or not valuable a boat is. For this reason, every boater needs a boat/watercraft policy; insurance does much more than just protect a boat.

Shopping for Boat/Watercraft Insurance

For boaters in North Miami Beach, FL, boat/watercraft insurance companies offer several different policies. Which policy is best for you will depend on your current insurance portfolio.

To go over all of the available options, contact an insurance agent at our office. Our agents are licensed in the State of Florida and serve the boaters of North Miami Beach, FL. Boat/watercraft insurance policies are not easy to understand, but they will break down all of their terms for you. Since everyone at our office is an independent agent, they will be able to look at every insurer’s offering and help you select one. Give an insurance agent a call today, and safely enjoy Florida's waters tomorrow.

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