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Renter’s Insurance: A Plus During the Holidays

Like most people, you’re probably looking forward to celebrating the holidays with family and friends. At the same time, holiday parties increase your risk of accidents or damage to personal property, especially after guests have had a little too much to drink. Renter’s insurance from Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL can protect you against accidental injuries or property damage that may occur when entertaining guests for the holidays. If you’re renting a home, apartment or condo, renter’s insurance is a definite plus for the holidays.  

What’s Covered by a Renter’s Policy?

A typical renter’s insurance policy offers three types of protection: liability, personal property, and additional living costs.

Liability insurance pays for the medical expenses of a guest who suffers accidental injuries on your property. It also helps pay for damage to a guest’s property.

Personal property insurance covers theft or damage to your goods to include clothes, jewelry, electronics, furniture, artwork, etc.

Additional living expenses insurance helps cover the cost of living somewhere else while your rental home is being repaired after a major disaster. 

How Can Renter’s Insurance Protect You During the Holidays?

Liability protection – Even if you’re careful, there’s always the risk of accidents during holiday parties. A guest may get burned in the kitchen while helping with a meal or slip on the stairs after having a little too much to drink. Liability insurance protects you against accidental injuries and lawsuits if you’re sued for damages.

Property protection – Having a house full of guests increases your risk of damage to personal property. If someone damages your stereo or breaks an heirloom during a party, renter’s coverage helps pay for the repair or replacement costs.

To learn more about the protection that renter’s insurance has to offer, call or visit us at Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL.

Do You Need Extra Collision With Motorcycle Insurance?

Owning a motorcycle can be thrilling, but with the freedom of the open road comes risks, especially to those who regularly ride motorcycles. That is why it pays to be prepared with the right type of insurance to cover not only the motorcycle but the other vehicles on the road as well as the drivers. Those who have motorcycles or who are planning on making a purchase in the near future should educate themselves regarding the level of coverage that can offer the most benefits.

Does A Motorcyclist Benefit From Additional Collision Coverage?

If the consumer purchases a motorcycle and requires financing, the lender may require them to carry collision coverage because it will pay to have the motorcycle repaired. Without that coverage, the motorcycle may be a loss or unusable. Even if the motorcycle is paid for, it would be beneficial to carry that type of coverage, especially if the motorcycle has a high value. Those who have luxury motorcycles should carry the maximum amount of coverage because motorcycles can have the same value as a pricey new car or truck, but carry a higher risk of collisions and incurring damages as a result. 

Finding The Right Insurance Coverage

Finding and purchasing motorcycle insurance should be a top priority before heading out to enjoy the open road, but where should riders turn to get assistance with locating the right policy? Residents who live in the Miami Beach FL area should check out Assure-Us and consult with a knowledgeable agent to find out what options are available and fit individual needs. They can walk the rider through policy options and help them outline their current and future needs.

Don’t risk big losses, while riding a motorcycle. Get the protection that Assure-Us can offer those who enjoy the freedom of a motorcycle in Miami, FL, but want to get top protection in the event of a covered incident. Call or stop by the office today to learn more about their insurance products. 


What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know About Flood Insurance

Navigating the waters of homeowner’s insurance can feel intimidating. Luckily, the fine folks at Assure-Us are here to help residents in Miami Beach, FL and surrounding areas, figure out these important decisions. If you are a first time home buyer, you probably have many questions concerning types of insurance, such as flood insurance. We are here to help you better understand these topics and to better understand your options. 

Understand Your Location

You should understand that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) establishes flood zones each year. These are areas that the Federal government deems at risk for flooding. If your new home you are purchasing falls into one of these risk zones, your mortgage company can force place flood insurance on you. Force placed insurance is often much more expensive than policies that you shop for yourself.  In order to avoid this happening, you need to research the FEMA flood zones to find out if your new home will fall into this category. If your new home is in one of these areas, it is best to purchase your own flood insurance to make sure you get the best deal. It is also important to note that 20% of flooding takes place outside of FEMA flood zones. 

Flood Insurance Is Not Covered in Homeowner’s Insurance

Many first time home buyers make the mistake of thinking that their homeowner’s insurance covers flooding. This is usually not the case. To be certain, you should discuss homeowner insurance options in-depth with a trained insurance representative. 

Purchase What You Need

Your flood insurance needs will be different from other people’s. Make sure that your flood insurance policy is customized to your particular needs.

If you would like to learn more about flood insurance, please contact us at Assure-US, now serving Miami Beach, FL and surrounding areas. 


I Ride My Bike For A Living – Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

Biking For A Living in Miami Beach, FL? 

We are in it with you at Assure-Us Insurance. 

As your insurance agent, you will find that we are right there in the thick of it with you. We’re not going to wait until the problem occurs we are going to make certain that you are insured for what’s to come on the road ahead.

If your bike for a living  – meaning that it is a critical part of your livelihood or if it is merely the mode of transportation you use to get to your livelihood – you need to be protected. 

Speak with your employer 

Find out if your employer has you insured under their commercial policy. Depending upon the nature of the business you are a part of chances are your employer has taken care of this necessity. In fact, more than likely if you are employed by someone else and you use your bicycle during your hours of employment as part of your job then your employer has you covered. 

It all starts with a frank discussion with an agent. While you’re doing your research consult your health insurance carrier as well to make certain that you will be taking care of in the event that there is an accident. If you are self-employed or you have opted to use your bicycle as a mode of transport and it is not a requirement of your position then you may be responsible for the commercial insurance. It all starts with a frank discussion with an agent.

The next time you are out on a trek, stop by the Assure-Us office located in North Miami Beach, FL. If reaching us by telephone is more in line to your schedule or preference, our telephone number is 305-956-7818. Ask questions about your home, auto, boat/watercraft, condo, flood, motorcycle, renters, or the insurance t

Does Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Solar Panels?

Here at Assure-Us, one of the questions that we are frequently asked is whether your home insurance policy in Miami Beach, FL covers solar panels that you may be planning to install on your roof. Here is important information that you need to know about your homeowner’s insurance policy if you are thinking about solar panels. 

Whether the Solar Panels Are Covered

In most cases, solar panels are considered a permanent fixture or addition to your home. As such, they are included in most policies. However, it is important to not assume they are covered under your policy. Contact your home insurance policy or carefully read your policy to ensure solar panels are not an exclusion under your policy. 

Reasons the Solar Panels May Not Be Covered

It is important to understand that while solar panels may be covered under your policy, they may not be covered in every event. For example, if your homeowner’s insurance policy excludes hurricane damage, solar panels damaged in a hurricane would still be excluded. Maintenance-related issues are typically not covered as well. 

Other Important Factors to Consider

Finally, it is important to consider whether your home insurance policy limit needs to be increased if you are installing pricey solar panels. Your policy may need to be increased once solar panels are installed. 

In most cases, solar panels are covered by your home insurance policy. However, in other cases, you may need to make changes to your policy or purchase a separate solar panel add-on policy to ensure yours are covered. If you are looking to purchase home insurance in the Miami Beach, FL area that covers your solar panels, contact us here at Assure-Us. We can help find a home insurance policy to meet all of your needs. 

Does Auto Insurance Change In Your Golden Years?

Miami Beach, FL your golden years is a great time to reflect on what is important and what can easily be discarded. This is not only true with items related to your personal life it is also true about your insurance needs. As you get older, your driving responsibilities will change. It is a natural part of life. Our staff at Assure-Us is sensitive to your unique situation and the changes that occur over your driving career. 

Some customers continue to drive in their golden years because they are still working or are they simply enjoy the experience of being on the open road. Others may feel more cautious about driving in certain weather conditions or at certain times of the day or night.  Belonging to certain associations or clubs may also have an effect on your auto insurance rates and coverages. You may also want to take advantage of the perks of a defensive driving course or another department of motor vehicle sponsored classes or education modules. All of these new facets interact with your auto insurance status. The answer to the question is “yes”, just like the other changes that are occurring in your life as you enter and live out your golden years your auto insurance needs will change.

Assure-Us is located at 1880 NE 163rd. St. North Miami Beach, FL 33162.  At our agency, you are assured to receive a comprehensive analysis of your auto insurance needs.  Stop in today to experience the kind, professional service that we deliver. We can also help you with your home, boat or watercraft, commercial, condo, flood, motorcycle, renters and RV insurance needs. It is a better idea to handle everything in one place and because we work with different carriers we will be able to give you great rates and quality coverage.

RV Insurance: Are You Covered For Summer?

The sun is shining, the temperature is getting warmer, and you’re ready to make good use of your family’s Miami Beach, FL RV. Before you hit the road, it’s important to make sure you have the insurance coverage you need. Let’s talk about what you need to look for in an RV insurance policy to ensure that you’re fully protected. At Assure-Us insurance, serving Miami Beach.

Tow Vs. Drive

It’s important to consider the laws in your state when it comes to your RV insurance needs. Whether you tow or drive your recreational vehicle, it’s important that you have insurance to cover your liability in the case of an accident. In most states, insurance is only required for vehicles that you drive. No matter what type of RV you have, talk with your insurance agent about the coverage that makes the most sense in your area. 

Cover the "R" and the "V"

You’ll want to make sure both the recreational aspects and the driving aspects of your RV are covered. This means that you have full coverage if something happens while you’re driving your RV, as well as coverage for any damage that occurs at your campsite.

Full-Time Vs. Part Time

Consider how much time you spend in your RV when you’re choosing the type of coverage that makes the most sense for you. If you live in your RV for much of the year, you’ll need full-time RV coverage. If you only use your RV occasionally (such as for vacations), part-time insurance makes more sense for you. 

Call Assure-Us, Serving Miami Beach, FL

Ready to hit the road in your RV this summer? Call Assure-Us, serving Miami Beach, FL, to make sure you have the RV insurance coverage you need. 

Why Do I Need Condo Insurance?

Purchasing a new home means that you need to have a homeowner’s insurance policy in place to protect the home.  Condo owners, however, often express some confusion about what their insurance needs are.  Most falsely assume that the condo association’s insurance coverage also protects their unit.  People in rental apartments need to have renter’s insurance in place to protect their personal belongs should they be damaged or destroyed in a fire or weather event.  The same holds true to condo owners.  While they fall somewhere between a house and an apartment, condo owners need to have insurance.  If the condo is financed, the lender may require that insurance is purchased.  The team at Assure-Us understands condo insurance and can help protect this valuable asset.  They regularly work with condo owners in the Miami Beach, FL area to put the right insurance policies in place. 

In general, most condo associations have a master policy to protect the physical structure or the outer walls.  It may cover the grounds and common areas with their amenities and furniture.  The type of policies and coverage amounts varies so condo owners need to understand what their association specifically covers.  They also can change their coverage so stay up-to-date on any changes that could affect your personal coverage.  The policies used most often by condo associations are called “walls in” and “walls out”.  When it is defined as a “walls out”, that means everything outside of a personal unit is covered.  A “walls in” policy does cover some fixtures within-person units but not any of the upgrades an owner makes.  Neither of these policies will cover any of your personal items, electronics or furniture.

Get the information from your condo association about the type and amount of insurance coverage they carry.  Then come see the agents as Assure-Us in the Miami Beach, FL area.  With information about the master condo policy, they can get you the right coverage for your situation.  Don’t wait until a disaster happens to discover that you have coverage gaps.  Call or visit them today for the right insurance for your condo. 

Does My Boat Insurance Policy Cover Accidents If Someone Else Is Driving?

Ordinarily, carrying a boat insurance policy should be enough to ensure that you’ll be covered if an accident were to happen to your boat while you were driving on Miami Beach, FL waterways, but what if someone else borrows your boat and gets in a collision? If a family member or friend happens to be behind the wheel of your boat when an accident occurs, you’re not going to be covered – you’ll be liable for damages and any injuries that result. Boat-borrowing, or letting someone else take the wheel is a tempting concept that can become a tricky situation that your standard policy just won’t cover. 

Your first priority should be safety and protection from liability, which will require both standard boat liability coverage as well as an umbrella policy to take care of any coverage gaps. If you plan on letting someone drive your boat, or there is a chance they will borrow it on their own, make sure all of your bases are protected. Here’s what you need to know from the experts at Assure-Us about your insurance needs if others drive your boat: 

Standard Liability Coverage 

Unlike automobile insurance laws, carrying boat insurance is not required by law in Miami Beach, FL. However, it’s definitely a good idea to have a basic boat liability policy to cover you against physical damage to your boat or items on board and to cover you and passengers from injury. Your basic boat liability policy will also cover damage to other boats, piers or docks. Depending on your policy, you’ll also receive coverage in the event of fire, theft or bad weather. 

Why You Need An Umbrella Policy 

It is important to remember that your basic liability policy will not cover you if someone borrows your boat, meaning that you’ll be held liable in court for any damages caused when someone other than you operates your boat. Your umbrella policy will cover you, family members and friends who might borrow your boat. This policy will provide temporary boat insurance to individuals you allow to operate your boat who are not on your standard boat policy, filling any gaps in coverage.   

For more information about how to protect yourself while enjoying your boating experience, contact the insurance experts at Assure-Us today. 

Renters Insurance in Miami, Florida

Those having a part-time stay in a different location than their residence might want to get renters insurance.  The smartness is to consider how the insurance can be a comfortable purchase.  Having the insurance is nicer as you plan to stay for a certain amount of time.  There is a nice renters insurance in Miami Beach, Florida for those staying part-time.  It is also smart to know that you can get more information with a simple phone call. 

Renters insurance is commonly purchased if using a condo, home, or apartment.  Those that purchase this are often knowing they have insurance to cover their belongings.  The renters insurance is available in Miami Beach FL with Assure-Us.  The provider is able to answer your questions about insurance while giving you additional information.  You might want to discuss what belongings you own with the company.  Make the call when you want to discuss what the coverages include and when the insurance starts.

Miami Beach is a nice place to visit.  The renters there are understanding that they can easily discuss which belongings can be insured.  It is also nice to see if the owners of the places they are staying at require renters insurance.  The renter policy can be purchased with a simple call.  The nice conversation you have with the company can help you prepare for your trip or know it is taken care of as you are there already.  Renters insurance is nice in Miami Beach, FL with Assure-Us.  The phone call is simple and going through the details is nice with this company.  The time you spend in this location can be so nice and having a discussion about renters policies will help you know what to pack and take with you on your trip. 

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