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Why should someone get auto insurance in Florida?

The Miami Beach, FL area is full of fun and existing recreational amenities. To ensure that you can efficiently enjoy all this part of Florida offers, it would be ideal for you to own a car. An auto insurance plan is crucial if you want to own a car. There are a few reasons why someone in this part of the state will need to have this coverage. 

Comply with State Liability Requirements

A reason that many in this part of the state will want to have an auto plan is so they can comply with requirements surrounding liability insurance. Anyone that wants to drive a car on the road in Florida will have to be insured with liability coverage. This insurance provides assurances that you will be able to cover any damage that could be caused in an accident. Without the coverage, you would be unprotected and violate state driving laws. 

Protect Vehicle

It is also a good idea for someone to get an auto plan to protect their vehicle. When you purchase a car in this part of Florida, you will want to be able to use it for a long time. A great way to ensure this happens is by getting the proper coverage. With a full plan, you will be protected against various risks that would otherwise result in a loss. 

Having the right insurance plan for your car in the Miami Beach, FL area is quite important. If you would like to start looking for a new plan in this part of Florida, it would be helpful for you to call the team with Assure-Us. Many vital choices come with selecting an auto plan, and Assure-Us will give you the help needed to choose a policy ideal for your situation. 

Types of Auto Insurance

Owning a car may seem like the last step in your driving test, while in reality, it is only the first stage of car ownership within Miami Beach, FL. Having a car comes with responsibility, a factor that will require you to protect yourself and other motorists during your drives. This means getting auto insurance, an area that Assure-Us can help with. Below, we discuss types of auto insurance that will be worth your while.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage can be broken down into two categories, with the first one being bodily injury liability. This covers other parties’ injuries when you cause an accident and will take care of the costs of medical treatments. The second is property damage liability, which is a state requirement. This coverage comes in handy when other parties’ property gets damaged by an accident that you are found liable for and will help them cater for their costs of repairs and replacement.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection is another mandatory cover in the state designed to cover your costs of medical expenses after you are involved in an accident. It also ensures that your passengers are protected when they get bodily harm and will cater to lost wages when needed.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

Uninsured coverage will be your go-to when you are hit by an uninsured driver, providing compensation for your injury and vehicle repair needs. Underinsured coverage kicks in when your vehicle gets damaged by a motorist whose cover cannot provide enough compensation for your costs of damages.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage provides protection when you are involved in a collision. This includes head-ons with other vehicles and collisions with objects such as buildings, trees, and poles.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage provides compensation when you get into a non-collision accident. It helps you pay for your repair and replacement costs during events such as fires, vandalism, theft, and hail.

Rather than wait for emergencies to catch you off guard during your Miami Beach, FL travels, make it a point to call Assure-Us today for customized auto insurance. 

What is included with an auto insurance policy in Florida?

When you live in the Miami Beach, FL area, there are many great things to do nearby and further away. To ensure that you are able to do as many of these activities as possible, you should consider getting a car. When you are a car owner in this area, you need to make sure that you get a proper auto insurance policy. This form of insurance will provide you many forms of coverage to provide great overall protection

Property Protection

One of the advantages of an auto insurance policy is that it can provide you with coverage for your car. When you own your own car, it is important to protect it as much as you can. The best way to do this is by getting comprehensive and collision auto insurance coverage. This will ensure that you have coverage for theft, auto damage, and other issues that could result in a loss.

Liability Protection

You should also get an auto insurance policy to get liability protection. Car drivers are always going to be at risk of causing an accident. To ensure that you are able to pay for restitution, it is important that you get liability insurance. This could help to drastically reduce your out of pocket expenses if you are found at fault. 

For a lot of people, choosing an auto insurance policy in the Miami Beach, FL area can be confusing and challenging. To ensure that you are able to get into the best policy based on your situation, you should call Assure-Us. When you work with Assure-Us to determine your auto insurance needs, you are going to receive more guidance and personalized support, which will ensure all of your risks are as mitigated as well as possible. 

Does Auto Insurance Change In Your Golden Years?

Miami Beach, FL your golden years is a great time to reflect on what is important and what can easily be discarded. This is not only true with items related to your personal life it is also true about your insurance needs. As you get older, your driving responsibilities will change. It is a natural part of life. Our staff at Assure-Us is sensitive to your unique situation and the changes that occur over your driving career. 

Some customers continue to drive in their golden years because they are still working or are they simply enjoy the experience of being on the open road. Others may feel more cautious about driving in certain weather conditions or at certain times of the day or night.  Belonging to certain associations or clubs may also have an effect on your auto insurance rates and coverages. You may also want to take advantage of the perks of a defensive driving course or another department of motor vehicle sponsored classes or education modules. All of these new facets interact with your auto insurance status. The answer to the question is “yes”, just like the other changes that are occurring in your life as you enter and live out your golden years your auto insurance needs will change.

Assure-Us is located at 1880 NE 163rd. St. North Miami Beach, FL 33162.  At our agency, you are assured to receive a comprehensive analysis of your auto insurance needs.  Stop in today to experience the kind, professional service that we deliver. We can also help you with your home, boat or watercraft, commercial, condo, flood, motorcycle, renters and RV insurance needs. It is a better idea to handle everything in one place and because we work with different carriers we will be able to give you great rates and quality coverage.

How do your state’s auto insurance claims work?

Responsible drivers in any city of beautiful Florida will usually never have a hard time getting accepted for the type of auto insurance coverage they seek, be it all – inclusive or just the basic minimal required by federal law. The state’s packed to the brim with great plans and rates, and discounts for older, more bundled and even safer, proven drivers, in turn. Florida rewards its best drivers with such privileges, and a few places where such rating factors will apply — in order to determine the final price and extensiveness of the coverage one can get while driving in this lovely state — lie in having great credit, a history of no traffic tickets, and no notable accidents of any kind, not even minor. Furthermore, those in Miami and other cities, who hold not a single traffic ticket on their driver’s record, can get away with saving an estimated 22.49 % (or $523) off their total insurance. In addition, those with zero accidents will save 27.16 %, which equates to about $672. 

Also, drivers with good to excellent credit can even expect to save another 48.02 % or $1,700. These figures are taken on an annual savings basis. This is how much you might expect to save every year, should one or more of the following apply to your situation.

Moreover, as you can imagine, this will greatly affect your claims process as a whole, and only in a positive manner. Auto insurance providers tend to reward safe, responsible, conscious drivers who love to save money. And they value their business, as such. And holding a good record will also assist your credibility in future claims.

Assure-Us serves insurance consumers in Miami Beach, FL and more. Check them out now. You might find what you’re looking for. Explore. 

The Benefits of Paying Your Auto Insurance Premium All at Once

Are you considering paying off your car insurance in Miami Beach, FL quickly? Maybe you are not aware of all of the benefits associated with doing so. Read on to learn why it is ideal to pay this off as soon as possible.

When you buy auto insurance, you are basically ensuring that you will have protection in the instance that you are involved in an accident, or if some type of damage occurs to your vehicle. It is in your best interest to pay it early so that you reduce the chances of missing payments. This is especially important if you are someone who works a lot and otherwise leads a busy life. Since your insurance is likely to be canceled right away upon a missed payment, you do not want to risk this happening.

If you are in a position to cover your entire six months or one year worth of payments all at once, you should do so. You can save money, because the majority of insurance agencies will offer discounted costs for people who are willing to do this. This way, they will not have to worry about accounts receiveable and can pass on these savings to the customer.

If you are wondering if this is the best idea for you, talk to your insurance carrier when you are about to sign off on your premium. It is important to talk to a reputable company, like Assure-Us. If you are ready to start this process, give the professionals at Assure-Us a call right away to discuss the benefits associated with paying your entire auto insurance early.


Tips to Protect Your Car From Would-be Auto Thieves

Most car owners know the importance of defensive driving to prevent costly car accidents that can cause an increase in your auto rates, but many do not think about the insurance hike in the event their car is stolen and has to be replaced.  Protecting your vehicle against would-be car thieves is just as important as preventing accidents.  Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL knows the importance of protecting your vehicle against theft.  To protect against theft and preserve your insurance rates, follow the six safety tips below.

Keep Your Car Locked Even When You Are in It

No matter where you are, it is always a good practice to look your doors after getting in.  When you are away from your vehicle, a locked car will deter thieves looking for a quick opportunity to grab something out of the car.   Also, you should keep your cars locked while you are driving them a vehicle.  It will prevent carjackers from quickly entering your passenger doors when you are stopped and gaining control of the vehicle.

Do Not Leave Your Possessions in a Visible Place

Many thieves are looking for the quickest way to get some cash.  By having purses, laptops, jewelry, or other valuables visible you are more likely to attract attention.  If you have valuables you want to leave in the car, try putting them in the trunk or underneath items that will cover them.

Always Park in Well Lit Areas

Most thieves prefer to work in the dark, so parking your car in a well-lit area will deter would-be car thieves.  It also provides more personal safety when you go back to your vehicle.

Invest in Anti-Theft Devices

There are many anti-theft devices can be installed in your car.  You can purchase anti-theft devices that restrict control of your steering wheel, cut your ignition, sound an alarm, or are traceable by police.

Never Leave Your Car Running

No matter how quick your errand may be, you should never leave your car running when you are not in it.  It is illegal in many states to leave your car running and could result in a difficult insurance claim if it is stolen or damaged while running unattended.

Hide Your Vehicle Registration

While this may not help prevent your car from being stolen, it could help to recover it more quickly.  Most professional thieves assume the registration is in the glove box in case they end up getting pulled over.  If they do get pulled over, their inability to produce the registration will be a red flag to an officer.

If you would like more information on how to protect against auto theft or are interested in getting an auto insurance quote, contact one of the professional agents at Assure-Us in Miami Beach, FL today.

Better Coverage: Why You Should Consider Changing Your Auto Insurance Policy

Changing your auto insurance policy to include more events means expending effort to spend more money a month. It’s understandable why you haven’t wanted to think about it on a daily basis, but that may need to change. Nothing can stop bad events from happening, and they are bound to happen over a given amount of time. Don’t get caught owing what you can’t afford. If you drive, you have to take the responsibility seriously enough in Miami Beach, FL to stay safe out there. 

Liability in Florida 

The state of Florida has some of the lowest possible limits in the country when it comes to auto insurance. It can make monthly premiums extremely attractive to the budget conscious, but there are many reasons to beware of this benefit. If you should happen to cause a major accident, you’ll be required to pay for anything that exceeds the Florida limits that your policy spells out. Most people aren’t even aware they have limits, and thus are shocked when they’re ordered to make up the difference. If you don’t think you have money for more coverage on your policy, you definitely won’t be able to pay thousands (or even tens of thousands) out of pocket. 

Assure-Us Serves Miami Beach, FL 

From hit-and-run accidents to hurricane damage to stolen rims, we give you the facts you need if you’re looking for better coverage. Stop assuming you’re covered and find out more about what your policy will really do when you’re most in need. People need someone to call when they’re in an accident — someone who has the power to be objective and start taking action. Call us to find out more about how Assure-Us can do just that for you. 

What is the Minimum Coverage for Auto in Miami Beach Area?

Different states have different requirements for the state minimum of auto insurance coverage. The minimum requirement to obtain a Florida license plate in Miami Beach, FL is $10,000 personal injury protection and $10,000 property damage liability. To determine if more coverage is needed, one must understand what Miami Beach, FL minimums include.

The personal injury protection insurance, or Florida No Fault Insurance, covers you regardless of fault, up to the limits of your policy. That also covers children, members of one’s household, and certain passengers, who lack PIP insurance, as long as they do not own a vehicle. Personal injury protection covers people even when they are not in their vehicle. It even covers your children if they are injured on a school bus. There is also bodily injury liability insurance. That pays for serious and permanent injury or death to others when you cause a crash that involves your vehicle. Even when driving someone else’s vehicle, you are covered, and it covers others who drive your vehicle with permission.

There is also property damage liability insurance that pays for damages you or your members of your family cause to other people’s property in a crash that involves a motor vehicle. Every state has the minimum coverage that is needed to drive a vehicle, but that does not mean one should stop there. There are other great coverages that can be added to your policy that will help to cover you in other situations, and that will make the out of pocket amount less. In the end, it is always better to be safe than sorry.    

Does Auto Insurance Cover Hit & Run?

Auto insurance is capable of covering quite a bit in the event you are involved in an accident, even if it is a hit and run. When you get insurance in Florida, you want to make sure you add on sufficient coverage so that you are covered in the event something happens.

The only coverage that is always included in a policy is property damage and personal injury liability. This may not be sufficient to protect you against a hit and run, especially if you don’t want to be responsible for paying out of pocket for what someone else did.

This is why you want to add on the following coverage to your policy:

Collision: Collision is the specific coverage that will take care of when you collide with another car so you don’t have to pay for all of the repairs on your own. This may be required if you have a lease or car payments as well.

Uninsured Motorist: Uninsured motorist is the form of coverage that is needed to deal with bodily injury and property damage when the other person doesn’t have insurance – or they are not there to share their insurance details.

Personal Injury Protection: Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers the medical bills as well as lost wages that you may encounter.

Medical Bill Coverage: Medical bills coverage can be added on as well and may be able to take care of any remaining medical bills for you as well as passengers. This can minimize what you pay out of pocket and get you the care you need, even if you have health insurance.

Gain the coverage you need for auto insurance. At Assure-Us, we look forward to helping you find an auto insurance poly you can rely on against hit and runs and more.



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